Flat Banners

Perfectly Flat Banners
Presenting your business with clarity and quality

Perfectly Flat Banners

Many of the large corporates use canvas banners… They are never flat but always crumpled and creased.

Chances are your banners are no worse than anyone else’s. But all of this is about to change with an amazing UBIQ innovation.

When organisations spend so much money on their corporate image why do they still use poor quality images and poorly constructed, often ‘floppy’ banners to promote themselves?
UBIQ has developed two revolutionary approaches to address this problem

The UBIQ Flat Banners fit anywhere that any other banner will go, the difference is they lay perfectly flat and do not crease or crumple at all.

The banners are designed to promote your corporate image or message and look perfect at all times.

Our Philosophy

We have always focused our business on getting to understand our customers business.

Then and only then do we develop products and strategies to grow the business, develop the brand and increase your sales … we have many testimonials as proof of this.


And an impressive list of customers already benefitting from the UBIQ System

The UBIQ Systems range of freestanding magnetic display units

The UBIQ systems offer a range of impressive external banners types for internal and external use along with a range of magnetic freestand units – The UBIQ Deluxe which is a rigid unit with replaceable graphic/photo tiles and many other features. See www.ubiqdisplays.co.uk